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Abraham Escuro Killed by co-security Guard in Pasig City

Pasig, Philippines — A man identified as Abraham Escuro was gunned down by a security guard in a certain condominium compound in Pasig City.

In July 2014, a video was uploaded on Facebook showing a man brutally killed by a security guard. The clip captured the entire killing incident. According to reports, the security guards allegedly had a heated argument prompting the suspect to trigger multiple gun shots to the head of the victim.


Security Guard Abraham Escuro died in Pasig City after co-security guard gunned him down last July 2014

The detailed report by ABS-CBN news cited the series of events regarding the ruthless murder committed by the suspect.

Abraham Escuro was initially seen entering the guard house of the condominium in Pasig City. After three minutes, the victim came out from the guard house and suddenly collapsed at the entrance gate. The suspect, who was later identified as Edgar Jaype, followed Escuro and fired more bullets to the victim. Escuro reportedly sustained critical gun shot wounds which caused his immediate death. Jaype walked away from the crime scene and he never came back.

Another guard was also seen moving closer to Abraham Escuro but he did not offer any assistance just like the driver of a car seen from the background who simply drove away even if the he/she noticed the killing incident. After another minute, a cab arrived and the victim was rushed to the nearby hospital. Unfortunately, Escuro was declared dead at around 11a.m.

The authorities seized the gun of the suspect and recovered several bullets from his posession. Edgar Jaype has been charged with homicide but the court is requesting further review to evaluate if murder case should be filed as well.

Meanwhile, the wife of the suspect, Marcelita Escuro mentioned that she is now having trouble financing the needs of their children.


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