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Abusive Taxi Driver Forces NAIA Terminal 3 Passenger to Pay P3,600 Fare

A certain female taxi passenger shared her terrifying experience after riding a cab from Ninoy Aquino International Airport(NAIA) terminal 3 to Cubao in Quezon city. She allegedly fell into the trap of an abusive taxi driver who initially offered a metered fare last September 18, 2016.

The netizen only identified as Janine Jennilyn on Facebook shared a short narrative about her horrific encounter with two unidentified men in NAIA collaboratively offering a taxi service for her trip to Cubao. In her post on social media, she warned the netizens to be extra careful when choosing a taxi at the infamous airport.

Janine was enticed by a man who proactively approached her and offered a metered rate. Thinking that she could save much from the offer, without any hesitation she agreed and took the taxi service.

Janine and her companion went into the car after telling the other man to load their luggage in the car’s compartment. Then she asked the taxi driver to start driving when suddenly the first man she spoke to also jumped into the cab and seated next to the driver. At that moment, Jennilyn felt that something is not right but she remained calm and was hoping that everything will be alright.

When they reached their destination, the taxi driver immediately demanded a fare of P3,600. At first, the victims were thinking that the huge amount was just a joke but the suspects were really serious. The taxi driver became cocky and was forcing the female passenger to give them the whole amount.


Fearing that the suspects would harm them if they will not follow their demand, Janine tried to convince the taxi driver to find an Automated Teller Machine(ATM) and was pretending that they didn’t have any cash on hand. While psychologically battling with the suspects, Janine was also busy looking for a nearby police officer in the area.

Janine continued to provide assurance that they will pay the “overpriced” taxi fare once they could find an ATM booth. While the driver was a little bit distracted, Janine saw a cop standing in nearby establishment. She immediately asked the cab driver to stop the car. With so much things running on her head, her companion asked Janine to call the attention of the policeman. This prompted the suspects to alight from the car to unload the belongings of the victim at the sidewalk then the two unidentified men sped away from the scene.

Several netizens reacted to the post and suggested to Janine to file formal complaints at the office of Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board(LTFRB) or at the Land Transportation Office(LTO) to resolve the case.

Meanwhile, the post of Janine ignited rage on social media when a couple of netizens shared the same exact modus at the NAIA terminal. The other victims were claiming that there are several taxi drivers who are taking advantage of this option especially if they sensed that their target is an Overseas Filipino Worker who are coming home during yuletide season.

If you want to scrutinize the details of the photos and videos of the incident, browse the items below. On this Facebook post, dozens of netizens are helping each other to find clues and whereabouts of the suspects who offered an unusual taxi fare rate to Janine.


Attention!!!! be aware to this taxi driver and caller..!

Posted by Janine Jennilyn on Sunday, September 18, 2016




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