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Albert Saynes Y Yebra Raped 20-year-old Woman in Camarines Sur

Camarines Sur, Philippines — Albert Saynes Y Yebra allegedly killed and raped his 20-year-old sister-in-law in the municipality of Paracale, Camarines Sur. The woman sustained multiple stab wounds and some of her body parts were almost cut into pieces.


The suspect was reportedly drunk when he arrived home. In an interview, Albert Saynes Yebra firmly claimed that he was not aware of the things he did that night. The initial investigation showed that he grab a bolo (a famous farm cutting tool in the Philippines) and stabbed his 20-year-old sister-in-law. He could not recall if he sexually molested and raped the woman. The suspect also murdered the 19-month-old child of the lady.

The authorities highly suspected that the woman was raped by Yebra. Thus, the investigators attempted to conduct a thorough check on the remains of the woman. However, they faced problems verifying the theory since the body parts were totally wrecked which prompted them to send the remains to an advance crime laboratory.

Albert Saynes Y Yebra is under the custody of Camarines PNP and has been charged with two counts of murder.

Due to the increasing number of rape cases in the country, the citizens are urging the government to reinstate the capital punishment or death penalty law as soon as possible.


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