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Bagito School Student’s Valentine Proposal Video

A “Bagito” grade school student named Gio Catacutan made a Valentine proposal the other day. The video of the of the said event is currently making waves on social media and has caught the attention of the netizens.


A male student in San Fernando Pampanga bended his knees to offer his Valentine present to the girl he loves.

In a blogpost published by BarakoNews, the male student who bended his knees to an unidentified girl is allegedly a pupil in San Fernando Elementary School. In the video, the girl was initially blindfolded and was brought to an area where a couple of boys were holding a colored paper with a note, “Will You Be My Valentine?”

It appears that these kids are exposed to opposite-sex relationship at their early age. The parents of these students should be informed and should be aware of this viral video. They have to educate them properly. In the future they will surely find time to settle and have their own family. However, at their young age, their mindset should only be focused on two things – study and stay away from boy-girl relationship.

What can you say about this viral Bagito student Valentine proposal video?


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