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[Caught on Video]Altercation of Two Drivers in EDSA

Manila, Philippines — An altercation between a taxi driver and private vehicle driver along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) near Santolan was caught on video. The clip, which was uploaded by a certain netizen is making the rounds online.

Naoj Ragaiba posted a 2-minute and 36-second video showing an angry motorist, who appears to be the driver of Mercedes Benz, and the other is a taxi driver. In the first few seconds of the video, the driver of Mercedes Benz is seen punching and slamming the front door of the cab. The taxi driver attempted to get out of the car but the other motorist keeps on closing the door. It also appears that the driver of the private vehicle is carrying a handgun.


After a few moments of agressive gestures, the taxi driver managed to get out of the cab carrying a knife. The driver of the Mercedes Benz, however, successfully pulled out his gun and aimed it to the chest of the cab driver prompting him to throw the knife back inside the car.

After the heated confrontation, the Mercedes Benz drove off but the taxi driver decided to chase it. Despite the heavy traffic, the cab driver manuevered well and cut the lane where the Mercedes Benz was heading to. This caused the private vehicle to hit the railing in EDSA.

Meanwhile, a certain bus passenger was heard providing the details of the plate number of the vehicles — KDP 313 (Mercedes Benz) and UVN 607 (taxi).

As of writing, the reason behind theĀ altercation of the two drivers along EDSA is not yet identified. The names of the drivers are also not available.


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