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FHM Model Alyzza Agustin in Bad light after Posting Coding Violation Incident

A local amateur sexy model named Alyzza Agustin was recently caught by a traffic enforcer after she allegedly violated the number coding system in the metro. However, she reportedly got away of the violation when she showed the calling card of Camp Crame Police Director Alexander Ignacio Cese.

The card given to Alyzza Agustin bears a message, “Please assist my EA (executive assistant) Alyzza Agustin”.


The said post of the model immediately gained the attention of social media users. Several netizens bashed Alyzza for bragging how she evaded the number coding violation. See the reactions of netizens.


The hottie continues to post sexy photos and videos on Facebook and apparently she is not affected with the statement she infamously issued on her Instagram account.


Alyzza Agustin from her own Facebook account.


Alyzza Agustin, the infamous FHM model who escaped the number coding violation.

As of press time, the police director has not issued any statement yet regarding this incident. This news has not reached the mainstream news networks as well.

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