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MICA Sisters Dominated Korean Talent Show

Four lovely Filipina dominated the talent show in Korea. The group is collectively called MICA which is composed of four charming sisters.

The group immediately headed to Korea when they heard that the Kpop talent search accepted them as one of the contestants who will present their talent. The video clip initially showed their arrival in Korea’s international airport. Later they introduced themselves and mentioned that they came from Philippines.


According to the members of ‘MICA’, they did not expect that all of them will form an all-girl-group since they were just dancing and singing to have a little bonding after school. However, gradually the cute sisters finally decided to focus on their routines.

MICA sisters admitted that they are great followers of Ailee, whom they considered the Korean version of Beyonce. Suprisingly, Ailee was also one of the judges during the audition. All of them were extremely happy upon seeing their favorite Korean artist. One of them said, “wow! the artist we only see on Youtube is now in front of us!”

After the dominating performance of MICA sisters in Korean talent show, the judges were totally amazed and they even asked for an additional song from the group. They received praises from the judges and in particular, Ailee said, “”I’m really impressed by the fact that you guys harmonized everything and had everything on point.”

Here’s the video of MICA sisters. At the latter part, one of the members of the group sang Beyonce’s hit song titled ‘Listen’.


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