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Naked Truth Behind the Drunk Girl Allegedly Raped in Bacolod Party

A girl who passed out in a certain ‘wet and wild’ party in Bacolod city has gained too much attention on social media. There are rumors citing that the drunk girl from Bacolod was raped in a party that was organized along Lacson Street–Bacolod’s red district.


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Is it really true that the naked and wasted girl was molested by her drinking buddies? Is there a proof supporting the incident and its apparent location? These are just some of the questions raised by concerned netizens.

PHnews.Net decided to assess the case, hence we spent time to conduct an online investigation. After a thorough search on the web, we bumped to a Facebook post from a group called “Pilipinas Underground”. On the said page, it showed a blurred photo of the drunk girl, whose breast (n!pple) was apparently s#cked by men. The group also posted a long comment regarding the incident but failed to mention if the girl was indeed raped or not.

“PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND would like to apologize about the viral picture roaming around the social networking sites recently.

This photo was taken from the DYNAMIC PULSE Party of PLAYMATE NATIOB PRODUCTION held in Marikina last February 14, 2015.

The Playmate Nation Production who produces the DYNAMIC PULSE EVENT is NOT LEGIT and REGISTERED under PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND. The logo of the PLAYMATE NATION can be seen in the original picture.

PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND, as one of the organization governing and protecting all productions over Metro Manila have its own sets of rules and policies to limit and secure not only the event itself but the patron as well.

The council has no idea about this event since this PLAYMATE NATION PRODUCTION is not part of our organization.

As much as we want to make a peaceful, respectful, and enjoyable events we do not have the power to control youths in creating parties like what this PLAYMATE NATION PRODUCTION did.

Hence, we are calling the attention of all “party goers” to be keen fully in attending parties that are NOT LEGIT and REGISTERED production under PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND. The mission of the council is to list all production that complies to all our policies and rules. Party goers should only attend to parties approved by Pilipimas Underground.

Soon enough, we will seek the help of the authorities to elimate and vanquish this kind of organizer/proudction in the field as we dont tolerate this act of molestation.

We, the PILIPINAS UNDERGROUND, is looking forward for your deep understanding and active participation to this advocacy. Eliminate fake productions and spread awareness!

Please spread. Thank you!

-Pilipinas Underground Council”

To those people who just recently discovered this viral news, please be informed that a certain blogger from Iloilo (Visayas) seems to be the initial source of this trending news. It even mentioned the alleged location was at Lacson Street, Bacolod where the alleged drunk girl was sexually abused. You may also read some information on the web claiming that the wasted girl was attending a wet party in Cebu city.

Now that everything has been cleared, we hope that this viral news will die out soon.


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