Manila, Philippines - An unidentified man was spotted arguing with several relief volunteers and complained about the unfair distribution of goods in their Barangay. The video clip showing his disrespectful acts to the front liners has gone viral on social media.

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Netizens are currently sharing their thoughts on social media where majority are showing utterly disgust to an old man who went berserk when his demand for relief goods was not fulfilled by the Barangay volunteers. In the video, the man argued that there are four family houses in the neighborhood who need food.

The man failed to contain his cool and wanted to start a fight with the officials. He was seen dropping the initial batch of relief packs to the ground. The other volunteers immediately picked up the goods.

The volunteers including an unnamed community doctor tried to calm down the old man but the latter continued to scream at their faces. 

Here's the video of the encounter which clearly shows the disrespectful manners of the old man.

Corona virus affected many lives in the Philippines with over 1,418 confirmed cases as of March 29, 2020; 4pm (PST). Many families lost their jobs after the lockdown was issued in the whole National Capital Region. Thousands of people are having difficulties where to find food and solutions for their daily needs.

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