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OFW Jocelyn Junatas Lucena Maltreated by Arabian Employer

Another victim of physical abuse and maltreatment in Saudi Arabia is currently seeking help on Facebook. The OFW, identified as Jocelyn Junatas Lucena from Pangasinan, showed off her body which contains large spots of bruises.


The contusions received by Jocelyn Junatas Lucena was allegedly due to the physical assault committed by her very own employer in Saudi Arabia. The reason of the attack has not yet been identified but it seems like the Arabian employer was too mad at her. Also, it is not yet clear whether a solid metal object was used to hit her.

The viral photo circulating in social media contains a caption stating that her employer harmed her on June 2, 2015. One commenter even mentioned that the bruises on her body are seemingly fresh and the swollen parts are still showing dots of fresh blood.

In addition, the caption also noted the exact address of Jocelyn which is: Yara Ahba Khamis Musharat, Saudi Arabia.

OFWs all over the world are calling the Filipino netizens to share the photo and urge other pinoy in Saudi Arabia to call the Philippine Embassy in the area to rescue the weak OFW.

For those who wants to contact Jocelyn, her number is +966500816841. Be extra careful when calling her. The sim card of her phone might have been confiscated by her abusive Arabian employer. Better yet, just call for legal assistance from the Philippine embassy.

Meanwhile, many Filipinos became furious when they saw the photo of Jocelyn. They said that Arabs are treating Filipina domestic helpers as slaves. Moreover, the maltreatment of the Arabian employer to OFW Jocelyn Lucena has reopened a debate about job security and lack of employment opportunity in the Philippines.


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