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Filipina in Saudi under Watch List for her Sexy Photos on Facebook

The alleged sexy photos of a woman posted on Facebook prompted the authorities in Saudi Arabia to put her on their watch list. The police are now conducting a manhunt while OFWs in Saudi are being warned not to post any naughty or sexy photos online.


Woman’s racy photos posted on Facebook. The mature lady is believed to be working in Saudi Arabia as a cook and nanny.

The woman, identified by netizens as Pretty Charmz, became one of the wanted persons in Saudi Arabia after a certain netizen flagged the daring and sexy photos of the mature woman which were circulated on Facebook and were posted on various closed groups on the world’s most famous social networking site. The woman is believed to be working in Saudi Arabia where posing on sexy dresses and racy photos are strictly not allowed.

The real identity of the woman is still being investigated by authorities. Her sexy pictures on Facebook could no longer be searched as her account was reportedly deactivated. However, many bloggers already took some screenshots of the controversial lewd photos.

If the Filipina is found guilty of violating the Sharia Law of the Kingdom, she will be incarcerated and may have to pay a certain fine to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, a certain blogger mentioned that the woman in Saudi Arabia who posted her sexy photos on Facebook is the same person behind the “Careless Whisper” video.

UPDATE:  A certain letter dated October 15, 2014 was officially sent to the authorities in Saudi Arabia to formally file a complaint against the woman who uploaded her sexy photos on Facebook.


Part of the letter reads;

Dear Sir,

Please investigate the following facebook group including their admins which majority of them are here employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I observed that they are posting topics and pictures which are prohibited in the Sharia Law of the kingdom. I have screenshot and saved the pictures of the members specially the admins of these groups since they are tolerating this one happening inside the kingdom. Attached are 7 pages of the screenshot pictures as evidence.

1. SAUDI ARABIA in ang mga PASAWAY (hunk AND sexy filipinos)
2. meet pinay pinoy in saudi arabia

Please note that the veracity of the news is not fully validated since the alleged letter from the Ministry of Interior to the Committee for the Command of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is not available on their official website. The Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh as well doesn’t have any relevant report regarding this case.

PHnews.Net would like to remind all OFWs to not post any demeaning comments on Facebook specially if it relates to the reputation of others unless you carefully noted if it was just a rumor or if it was really published by the local government in that area.


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