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Pagadian Scandal “Video Download” Is Most Searched Topic on Facebook

The notorious video called Pagadian scandal is currently making noise on Facebook after thousands of netizens are eager to watch the viral clip. They have used famous search engines to look for the original version of the video.

In the last two days, a local hot topic emerged as the top trending issue compared to the poll results in United States of America. The said viral and controversial video dubbed as Pagadian scandal is also circulating on Twitter with the hashtag #PagadianScandal.

Different versions of Pagadian scandal were released online particularly on Facebook where millions of Filipino netizens are curious enough to watch the controversial video. Many of them wanted to obtain a direct download link of the content.

The circulation of Pagadian scandal video originally started when an unidentified suspect uploaded a spliced version of the lewd content where a man and woman, along with gay friends, fulfilled their sexual fantasy in front of the camera. The four victims, believed to be native residents of Pagadian city, are seen in the video gamely doing the explicit encounter.

We don’t have exact knowledge of the full version of Pagadian scandal which is allegedly 27 minutes long but we were able to watch the shorter versions of it.

From the looks of the video, one could not really tell if the woman having sex with a man is potentially under the influence of drugs since her responses look normal. Her sexual behavior on bed is nothing but normal as well.

However, netizens were quick to judge the victims citing that the gay friends at the background could have given them some addictive substance that enhances their sexual motives.


There are so many debates online where conservative people are also condemning the unethical sexual display of the victims right in front of a live camera.

The funny side of the this story, however, may lighten up your mood.

A netizen who was able to view the longer version of the video observed that the girl is “so ugly” and he thought that she is just a transgender!

We could not validate the comment of the the commenter yet since we haven’t obtain a copy of the said version of Pagadian scandal video.


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