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Road Rage: Altercation Between QC Police and a Truck Driver Caught on Video

A not so cool road rage between a truck driver and a police allegedly assigned to QCPD was caught on camera and has gone viral on social media. The heated argument between the two motorists escalated to numerous exchange of grave life threats.


A video clip was uploaded in Facebook on May 28, 2015 via a famous fanpage called Bassilyo which immediately caught the attention of netizens. The simple argument between the two drivers literally drawn the attention of the bypassers and residents along the busy street.

In the video, the alleged police officer from Quezon City was demanding the MMDA traffic enforcer to revoke the driver’s license of the other party. However, the truck driver challenged the police and confronted him for such irrational appeal.

The truck driver reportedly claimed that QC police was at fault and mentioned that the police was a plain heckler. The police allegedly stopped in front of the truck, who immediately alighted from his vehicle and confronted the truck driver.

As of writing, it is not yet known if the truck driver or the QC police officer was the one who initiated the confrontation. The viral video, however, continues to earn thousands of likes and shares on social media.


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