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Talented Teen Drummer ‘Rona Inguillo’ Entertains the Netizens

You have to watch this viral video of the talented teen drummer “Rona Inguillo”

A student identified as Rona Inguillo joined two more guys and created a video clip of their wild performance showing her gamely beating the custom-designed drum set. The talented student from Malay National High School in Aklan stunninly entertained and captured thousands of audiences in the social media.


Rona earned praises from the netizens with several of them noting the unparalleled skill of Inguillo in hitting the custom-built drums and other percussions. In the video, Rona is seen smiling all throughout the clip while she enjoys beating the drums.

Without further ado, we present to you the viral video of Rona Inguillo showcasing her talent together with two other performers. Enjoy watching the video!


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