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UP Student Stephen Villena Insults Mayor Duterte During a Public Forum

University of the Philippines(UP) student Stephen Villena was fealess with his question to Mayor Duterte but he went beyond limits and insulted the Presidential candidate during a public forum inside the campus in Los BaƱos, Laguna. The teenager firmly demanded a direct answer from Duterte while the politician was still explaining a brief introduction to his arguments.

The not so cool interaction of the UPLB student and Duterte was recorded by both amateur and professional videographers. Hours after the incident, the controversial video clip was uploaded in Facebook. This is when the life-changing event occurred to Stephen Villena.

Several netizens was not pleased to the rudeness of the student and for mistreating the Presidential candidate. Many users on social media blasted the Stephen Villena for displaying his arrogant behavior towards a politician who didn’t even attack him despite his unacceptable manners.

Anger of some netizens were not contained after they fully watched the viral video. In response to the kid’s disrespectful behavior, memes about him were scattered on the internet. Some of those photos are a bit alarming since it contains death related captions such as the one shown below.

In a report by, the UPLB student allegedly received multiple life threats prompting him to deactivate his Facebook account. There are some bullies who got hold of his personal contact number and were sending warnings via text messages.

Stephen Villena is reportedly scheduled to be have an interview from various large news agencies. We will check his feedback to this matter and will post the video report.

Here’s the controversial encounter of the UPLB student and Mayor Duterte. In the video, the Mayor remains calm despite the arrogance of Villena. Stephen made a direct insult to Duterte but the famous politician from Davao didn’t bother the situation.


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