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Watch! Girl in BeAware Scandal Video Spotted by an Amateur Camcorder

A girl having a steamy sex with her alleged man was spotted by an amateur videographer. The clip called BeAware scandal video has been jokingly described by netizens as a footage that captures a woman who got electrocuted after touching a fence with high voltage source.

The 44-second video has gone viral after a certain Facebook page uploaded the content with a caption that reads;

Girls: BeAware on what you touch out in the wilderness, even a fence that looks ordinary could be potentially too dangerous as it could possibly carry a high voltage that can instantly fry your body. The heat of a high electric current that would flow in your body gives you a strange sensation. Please do not try this at home.

The message further warns the netizens to be more concious on the surrounding since people might accidently see you being electrocuted when you hold a fence with live wire carrying thousands of volts.

The warning, however, turned out to be irrelevant to the content of the viral video. One can easily figure out what’s really happening behind the bushes when the man recording the sexual encounter focused the camera angle to the unidentified girl.

The woman wasn’t really in a dangerous situation because the cyclone fence isn’t really connected to a high voltage source.

The lovers were just enjoying their quality time or should we say that her inner world has been shaken by a monster that can generate a very peculiar current that could make a girl go crazy.

As the videographer goes closer to the area where the lovers did their thing, the face of the girl becomes clearer. A couple of netizens are claiming that the woman is not a Filipina.

Beaware scandal video has been already shared around 30,000 times with over 1 million views. Social media users belonging to the millennial age bracket are swarming to the page where the video has been shared publicly by owner/s of the page.

Watch the video and share your views thru the comment box below. Tell us if the couple did something wrong or not.

babae nakuryente kawawa naman. wag mag so sout sa mga sikot na lugar :'(


Posted by Kurdapyo on Friday, November 11, 2016


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