Tagum city residents turned to social media to spread the announcement relating to the lockdown of the public market in the metro. Some posts are plain rumors that could potentially trigger unwanted behaviors such as panic buying, unjustified assumptions, among others which prompted PHnews.Net to publish this article.

We immediately reached out to some of our friends in the area to validate the reason behind the lockdown. Here's the truth about the situation.

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We received a reply from SP Gazmen who clearly clarified that lockdown has been issued by the local government of Tagum city to allow health personnel to conduct disinfection procedures in the market place. 

After reviewing the latest post of the official Facebook page of Tagum city, we also noticed the latest advisory, a video report from the COVID-19 City Task Force which Dr. Arnel D. Florendo tackled the decision of the team regarding the lockdown effort. He officially announced that one merchant in the market (stall number #572) has been tested positive. The said patient allegedly sought medical checkup last September 5, 2020 with cough and fever complaints. The stall owner was rushed to Davao Regional Medical Center(DRMC) to undergo medical examination. Confirmation of the case was made yesterday by DRMC and the complete report was relayed to Dr. Florendo.

Dr. Florendo's primary concern which he would like to address is the contact tracing plan. He revealed that the patient was reportedly traveling back and forth to Mangagoy because of business transactions in the other province.

Dr. Florendo further explained that the local authority has to exercise and implement safety protocol to eliminate further spread of the virus specifically in Tagum city public market. Based from the recommendation of Covid-19 task force, decontamination period should take at least 7 days, (September 8-14,2020).

From our own assessment, this is actually a very good initiative from the government to ensure that health safety of Tagumenyos is the city's top priority which really helps to combat the impact of corona virus global pandemic.

Any critical information related to the market lockdown in Tagum city will immediately be added in this article.

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